Our Journey

No matter where we go, we believe in craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind. We are committed to the idea that there is something special in the hand-to-hand transaction. We believe in stories, we believe that a city is living, breathing, and to get to know it you have to wander its streets, the veins that fork and cross and inevitably lead you to its heart—the people and the marketplace.

Above all, we believe in the journey, and coming home to a place where you can rest, reflect, and enjoy your surrounding with handmade objects by local artisans.


Sapa, Vietnam 2017

Hemp plays an important role throughout the H’mong communities. It is adaptable to harsh weather and has a short life cycle, making it easy to cultivate year-round to create clothing for their families.
Indigo dye is a plant that produces an organic compound with a distinctive dark blue color. The Hmong still use the natural indigo plant to extract the blue compound.
This is part of my collection of Hmong indigo hemp fabrics showing examples of a variety of different techniques from various Hmong sub-groups.
Saigon Rooftop, Vietnam 2016